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Peckham Printing

I’ve just joined Sonsoles Print Studio in Peckham, London SE15. Great space, quality facilities and lovely people so all good.


Questlove and George

A friend’s wearing one of my Questlove tees and passes by George (of Gilbert & George). George stops him and says “Oh, I do like your t.shirt, what does it symbolise?”…nice.


Wilferd Peterson


Jim Flora

Steve Reid

I was asked by Gilles Peterson’s Steve Reid Foundation to illustrate the great man and came up with this. Really enjoyed this design as he has such a wonderful face and infectious personality.
The Foundation send it out as a thank you card when people make a donation, so if you want one you know what to do…



A bit of free m’self up type drawing while working on other designs.


setting the standard

I remember when i first saw Straight no chaser magazine, where i was (in the student union at art school) and what i was doing (having a game of pool and listening to a few tunes for a dj set). Blew me away, the most beautiful design and great content. So from the makers of said magazine comes a new website… “At the visual helm of this adventure is globally renowned graphic artist Ian ‘Swifty‘ Swift and alongside him is Paul Bradshaw – master editor, music-activist and wayward blogger.”


The joy of sketch

Most important.


This is London

Cool runnings on the tube, it ain’t all bad down there.

Byrd has flown

Have to post this again to acknowledge the passing of a great musician…marinate in this…

Mmm…retro-style Panasonic headphones

Dr’s Beats not for me.


This is really something…

People, amazing!

A joyful noise…

I’m a sucker for a bit of gospel, Thanks TC.

New stock and size…

Spent yesterday afternoon printing more Gil tees…S, M, L and now XL on Asphalt grey…printed on American Apparel tees.

If you haven’t seen it already…

“If there were seven wonders in this world then I think Thelonius was the eighth”…An amazing film documentary about jazz and an unlikely friendship, stunning…

The future is safe

I sold this bag to a 10 year old kid today who said “the revolution will not be televised” is his favourite song…what a dude…reminded me of a very cool kid i know called Rakin.


An interesting look at creativity, kinda out there though!…love the story about Tom Waits.

MO! Love this!

This has to put a smile on your face…

The flying mod

Tour de France & Olympic Gold!!!

Hey! Hey!


Kinda like this film…

Shape of things to come…

A couple of hints at 2 new designs coming to the site soon, once i reach the finishing post…

Sun is shining!

New for summer 2012 (or winter depending on where you are in the world) are my new Gil Scott-Heron tees. Printed on the best quality tees out there, ultra-soft 100% combed cotton t.shirts by American Apparel. It’s a unisex standard cut tee. Currently available in small, medium and large…nice.

Soul rebel

Went to see the Marley film yesterday afternoon down at the Ritzy, sounded long at 2 and a half hours but never feel it…gripped all the way through, beautifully filmed, early life I didn’t know too much about, and Bunny Wailer always fascinating (his Blackheart man album is essential!). Loved this Wailers tune the most in the film…

Here’s some old drawings i did when I was 19 of Bob, Bunny and Peter. I’ve been thinking of a new Bob portrait as it goes but currently working on Stevie Wonder and Pharoah Sanders designs…nearly ready so coming soon…

Print exercise

Heres an exercise i set myself in font, colour and print registration, just because. Gabor Szabo’s ‘Gypsy woman’ inspired Santana’s ‘Black magic woman’. I looove me some early 70’s Santana!…albums like Borboletta, Caravansai and Welcome, the jazz-fusion years, very cool.


So im not new with this, been around a little while but i felt like throwing up some music, and its a totally wicked tune! simples.

Gilles on 6…nice

Saturday afternoon toons.


Having a little more fun with font design, kinda based on the Gil one but a touch different and stecilised. Might be used in a new music design…quite cool cut up into three colours too i reckon.

Jules’s got a brand new bag

So i printed these the other day (listening to King Britt -Philladelphia experiment remixed on rotation, quality motivating tunes!)…100% natural cotton tote bags, 38cm (w) x 43cm (h). I’ll add them to the shop tomorrow.

New stuff

New this week, cotton tote bags i’ve been printing on, I plan to do long handle and coloured bags too…I’ll add them to the gallery as soon as i get a minute, until then they’re available from my stall at Spitalfields market in east London from this Sunday, 11th March…also been designing a new font, working on new music images and…other good stuff.


This tune really kicks, love it!


Really dig this tune…lovely guitar, dead sweet song and video.

Questlove and Questlove

Questlove in his NY apartment with my Questlove print…apparently he really digs it…actually, i was told “he loves it!”…Many thanks to Dan @ okplayer.

Super cool ’72

Love old school choppers, audacious and cool as you like.

A favourite in the studio

Love the way this unfolds into life, from an album called Ethiopian knights.

Paper prints

Screen prints on quality paper coming soon…

Sweet voice of Jeb Loy Nichols

Country, soul, reggae, folk and jazz all in the pot. Beautiful stuff. Very fine print maker too.

Jackson Pollock…ish

Cold, wet and muddy cycle first thing in the morning…followed by a hot shower…nice!


No more to say.

Sweet tune…